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Shaggy Coos Farm! 

Shaggy Coos Farm is a family run operation in the small town of Easton, CT. Brittany, the farm manager, has a background in agriculture and went to Delaware Valley University to study biology.  She then pursued her M.S. in Environmental Science.  She has always had a passion for animals and enjoys interacting with them daily.  She passes on her passion and remains very hands on with the care and raising of our livestock. 


Our farm store is honor system- like the old days!  We milk, pasteurize, and bottle our milk right on property to ensure only the best for our community.  Our store is stocked with pork and beef products raised right here on our farm!



We invite you to visit us...

We sell the majority of our products directly off our farm. In addition to milk and chicken and duck eggs we maintain a freezer of our pork and beef products in our Farm Store. It's a great way to buy smaller quantities of select cuts. 

53 Center Road

Easton CT, 06612